About Kacpersky

The Kacpersky company is a supplier of devices in the field of renewable energy sources, such as heat pumps, photovoltaics, recuperation and hydrogen charging stations.

Our company was established as a result of several years of work in the renewable energy industry and cooperation with many producers from our country and from around the world. We base our actions on the experience gained during this time and thus the ability to offer you the best, most optimal and individually selected solutions in the field of solar, ground or air energy. We are also open to new areas, new producers and new projects and research that will allow the company to develop and provide our customers with solutions that will be most satisfactory to them.

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When introducing one of the largest European suppliers of system ventilation to the Polish market in 2011, I had the opportunity to visit several factories in Europe that produced not only recuperation units but also air distribution systems. I gained my first touches in this industry by building my first recuperator on the production line, completely from scratch. Since then, many manufacturers and suppliers of air handling units and air distribution systems have introduced themselves into the Polish market. As for me, I recommend only the most interesting and thoughtful solutions. Therefore, without doubt and with double commitment, I decided at the beginning of 2022, a really difficult year for any new business, to introduce the Polish market to a comprehensive offer from a new manufacturer with 60 years of experience in the ventilation industry.

~MSc Dawid Kacpersky

About Pichler

As leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of the most modern ventilation systems, we know how to read the signs of the times. Our ideas go beyond the boundaries of the system, and our view is always broad. We look to the future with great attention. Poland has been consistently recording significant economic growth in recent years and has become an interesting market for us. Therefore, as an Austrian family business, we have decided to combine forces with our new partner Kacpersky to continue our success in this attractive investment and export country. We see this as a great opportunity for both companies.

~ MSc Eng. Gernot Pichler, managing director

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